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3 Steps To Establish Your Parental Authority

       " In order to make the best parenting or discipline techniques for you ,several factors need to be considered". You want to regain your parental authority...
the parental authority to keep control over your child or family.Click here now!
Warning : Don't buy or use any book,pamphlet or article on the subject discipline or parenting until you've answered the following four questions...
       Do you find it difficult to keep control over your child?
       Do your children obey reasonable parental authority?
       Do you feel like your child is running the family?
       Do you feel unsure of yourself or have the fear of making mistakes in parenting?
   If your answer is "YES" then this article, is for you (Parent who are desperately trying to keep control over their children,but not succeeding.Parent who have the fear of making mistake in parenting).
YOUR PARENTAL PERMISSIVENESS : Now we come to the cause of the loss of Parental Authority. Numerous articles,Journals,Magazines and books lament the decline of firm parental discipline which succor permissiveness.Permissiveness is blamed for drug abuse,violence,vandalism,immorality,acne,the raising of crime rate in the society.By permissiveness i mean that " the parent is afraid to set limit for the child"
                                                                                  " the parent is afraid to say no"
  For the parent who do is, will eventually lost his or her parental power and they will find it difficult to run the family, instead the child does.Even parent who constantly appease a child,giving in to the child's whims and demand, and letting the child push her around for basic psychological reasons, for example;
                    " the fear of making mistake in parenting"
                    " the fear of not loosing the child's love".
                    "worrying about child's behavior"
By doing this the parent has abdicate his or her authority over to the child and i call all this psychological reasons (fear) psychological hang-up.
   For parent to overcome this and to regain their parental power,negative mind,getting professional help and getting more information is required.
NEGATIVE MIND,FEELING AND THINKING : To gain back parental authority, the parent have to be negative about their feelings (fear of making mistake or loosing the child's love). I mean parents should deliberately exaggerate all these fears and worries alone at least for five minute daily this will help to achieve a positive feeling.
GET PROFESSIONAL HELP : Enrolling in a class in assertiveness training in a psychological institute or going  through individual or group therapy with a competent professional person : a psychologist or psychiatrist.
GET MORE INFORMATION : For parent to be firm in discipline, to regain parental authority, instead of fear and worries, they need more information about discipline techniques. They need more than well - meaning advice to " be firm".
This tool will also help you establish your parental authority


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  3. I feel guilty for the "permissiveness" part. But i guess that it is not too late to change my parenting techniques. By that i have a toddler daughter and i am hoping that i will raise her to be a responsible individual in the future.

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