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Steps To Raise A Godly And Good Child

There is no denying that the task of raising or bringing up a child is a great one.In fact an author once noted "if it was going to be easy to raise kid,it never would have started with something called labor" there is however a common guide that guarantees sure success in child training,which include;
Teachings:The family,home & parent are the child's first contact and the child spend more time with this people before meeting the world.Within this period,its the parent responsibility to teach the child good morals,realities of life,life health issues,relationship,career and so on,before the world mislead them! Omitting this will be a sin.Parent who want to teach a child good moral,wants to bring up a good child in the society,must be equipped with information on how to bring up a child.Parents should get articles,journals,books and newsletters on how to bring up a child,even d bible is a great source."Knowledge they say is power and light" take it and pass it to them.
Diligence And Patience:As parent,feeling frustrated or disturbed on repeated misbehavior or when repeated instructions have been given,its natural but with diligence and patience parent will instill good habits,discipline and attitudes in the child.Parent are like farmers sowing seeds,some seeds germinate quickly while others take time to germinate.But farmers do wait patiently,they don't give up.So,parents don't quit!.
Exemplary live: This is one of the greatest teaching strategies,its like passing a  message,rules and signals to the child.Children do not listen to what you say as much as they watch what you(parent)do.Your words must correspond to your actions.If you desire to produce a well disciplined child within the society,then you must live like one.Parent have to be the model that their child needs.It is not enough to talk the talk you must also walk the walk.Prove what you preach by the life you live.As the word says "more is caught than can ever be taught"
Love And Friendship:Humans are social beings,we want to feel a sense of belonging,we want to know that we are loved and accepted,we want to know we are important to each other,we want to know that our opinion counts and that we are seen and appreciated just the way we are.Nothing works better than love,children is no exception. Parent also need to befriend their child,this entails coming down to the child's level,Putting yourself (parent) in his shoes,understanding him,sharing his fears and joys.This is the key to open the child's mind.Don't act to shocked about somethings he will show or tell you.
Time:spending time with your children is very essential parent have to know their child.By knowing your child i mean recognizing is character or personalities,biological temperament an so on everything about the child should be known,so that the parent will know the kind of teaching strategy to use.Creating time to be Friends with your child will help you know all about your child,it will help build a good parent child relationship.Someone once said that "You have no business being a parent if you don't have time for your child".  Hard words?       But its right!

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