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4 Single Parenting Tips For Raising Kids Alone

Single Dad
Single Mum

Parenting is one of the most joyous things that can happen to you in life but to most people, it's the other way round. I believe parenting is a job on is own... So, is a complex skill that needs to be learned, most people have no knowledge or training in this skill and that is what makes it hard for them, most especially parent in an intact family.If most parent in an intact family complains parenting is hard and tough, than single parenting will be much more harder and tougher.If parenting in an intact family is like hiking up a mountain trail, than single parenting is like hiking up that same mountain trail with a fifty-pound pack on your shoulders. It will be a very hard task!
Are you a single parent, who needs guides to become a successful parent?
If Yes, this article is for you.
Talking about SINGLE PARENT... If you are a widower or widow, divorced mother or father or your spouse is away on business a great deal or in service for long periods of time or is suffering from a lengthy illness, you are a SINGLE PARENT.
 Most people believed that parents from intact homes are the one that do a good job in raising their children and parents from broken homes produce children who have psychological difficulties. You should throw away this believe or idea and free yourself from it... As a single parent you can even do better than parents from intact home.
 The first thing you must do to become a good single parent is to deal with your PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS. Researchers on psychological stress have concluded that the loss of a spouse through death or divorce is the most stressful event that can happen to us, you have to deal with that over whelming sense of personal loss. You have to take care of the inside you, let out all the pains, suffering, anger, wounds and loneliness, so you will be able to concentrate on your children. Bottling up all this inside you for a long-time may come out in ways that will make you want to hurt others around you, even your children is not left out.
 You may feel inadequate about raising your own child, feel guilty for your spouse death or the death of your marriage(divorce).Feelings like this might succour as a SINGLE PARENT So, including the inside of you that is lonely, hurt, wounded and angry is in desperate need of emotional support.
The wisest thing to do to help let out and overcome these negative feels is to get professional counselling-spend on therapy for yourself, build a new emotional support for yourself by joining groups or forum of single parents, mingling with parents who aren't single will only bring more emotional problems. You can also help yourself too by getting your feelings out in a way you find satisfying, but in a primitive way like; crying, screaming, shouting, beating or hitting the bed with pillow. Etc. Just allow yourself to express and experience the psychological pains you felt in reaction to your loss, will be a great help.
 Taking time off or out of parenting as a single parent is another great help. You've got lots of burdens from what you are going through, you feel exhausted and frustrated, in fact your children might even add to it with their own behaviours... You really to calm yourself down, do your grief work this will help you calm down, feel refreshed to do a better parenting job and handling your children's feelings too.
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