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Parenting Breastfeeding: The Advantages For Both Moms and Babies From Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Advantage
 As a parent a you complaining that your baby love breastfeeding, are you wondering when to stop breastfeeding or  searching for ways to stop the baby?
If you are one of those this!

By Munira A 

 There are so many advantages to breastfeeding your baby when he or she enters the world, and you may be surprised to hear that there are also benefits for you as a breastfeeding mother. Of course the greatest benefit is the nutrition a baby gets from breastfeeding. You will be offering your baby the most complete nutrition he or she needs in the first months of their life, and likely the only form of food they will need. You can carry on breastfeeding for many months and continue offering your baby this very complete nutrition, and ensuring that your baby gets all the best food that your baby needs.
Not only will you be offering your baby nutrition, but the first few feedings you give you baby will also give him or her essential colostrum, which is essential to boost immune functions and develop your baby's ability to fight disease. Mother's milk, in the first feedings, is composed of this colostrum and important to allow your baby to stimulate all the natural defenses that need to develop in their body. Your milk contains these defenses, and your baby will get it through breastfeeding, allowing him or her to better fend off infections and diseases as he or she grows.
Also, when you feed your baby, you are spending some very intimate time together, so you will develop a very close bond with your baby during feeding times. You will be close to your child, in a very intimate position as you breastfeed. You and your baby will be able to gaze at each other, and you will hold your baby close to you while you are sharing this moment. The bond you develop will last through your feedings, and as your baby is in your arms.
The benefits to you as a mother are also very great. You will be concerned about what you are eating and about your health while you are breastfeeding your baby, as some things travel through your milk. You will be more prone to eat healthy foods and drink lots of milk yourself, to ensure that you are healthy and providing healthy milk for your baby. You will be active, and concerned about your own well-being in relation to your breast milk, and you will strive to be in very good health. This will be a great boost to your own health as well as your baby's.

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