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Parenting Guide: The Solid Foundation Of Discipline Parent Should Know And Use (Rapport)

Laying a Solid Foundation For Discipline
    You will agree with me that discipline is teaching.It's a continuous teaching that goes on all the time.
An expert says "The teaching of discipline has a firm scientific foundation" so, to discipline or parent your child you need to lay a solid foundation of discipline,that is how to discipline.This particular article seeks to give answers to your problems on discipline or parenting a child and that's why this article is different from any other and i enthusiastically recommend it to all parent.
  The experts,have learned from many experiments on how to teach either almost anything (human or Animal),my point is from different experiment,they know which teaching method work and which do not.So,"the teaching of discipline has a firm scientific foundation",says an expert,that is establishing a solid foundation of discipline.
   Now,the question is;(i) What is the solid foundation of discipline.
                                 (ii) How do i set up a solid foundation of discipline.
                                 (iii) How shall we go about teaching our children desirable and undesirable behavior.
Please, get this desirable behaviors are such as playing cooperatively with other children,doing required school work and home chores,obeying reasonable parent request .etc. and undesirable behaviors are such as stealing and disrupting a class,hitting or fighting other children,refusing to obey parent .etc.
Great step to lay a solid foundation of discipline : Remember we are dealing with human (child or children),getting answers to the 1st and 2nd question,will definitely give us an answer to the 3rd question."How shall we go about teaching our children desirable and undesirable behavior.   
    Now let's consider a class teacher instructing her class at the beginning of the school year.What does she  need to do first to do a good job of teaching a pupil ? her first responsibility is to lay an emotional foundation by set up a good rapport,i mean a mutual liking and respect,good "vibes" between the teacher and her class.
     Even,when a psychologist is doing a therapy with a child,it is also important to establish rapport before beginning a psychological therapy or test.The same holds true for a parent attempting to teach positive discipline to a child.Good rapport is the emotional foundation of all discipline or teaching a child desirable and undesirable behavior.
Good vibes + mutual liking and respect = Rapport the foundation of discipline                

In piratical terms and reality, the problems of discipline a child begins when the youngster develop to a toddler. Parent are expected to set up a solid rapport when the child is till a baby. Then, you feel,cuddled,played with your child, you even sang to your child, and bathed your child and these have made you much-loved person in your baby’s eye. Your child wants to please you and has the child becomes a toddler, you teach him desirable and undesirable behaviors, this is when you have a huge deposit of rapport to draw upon.
   But, from toddler-hood on, many parent make a critical mistakes, they neglect the task of continuing to build rapport with their child. They totally ignore the importance of reestablishing rapport at each and every steps of the child development, which is totally wrong. A word says “The days that make us happy, make us wise”. It is very crucial for parent to spend part of their time with their children simply enjoying together. Nothing more!

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