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Parent-Child Relationship: How To Building The Special Bond

Many parents believed parenting is a very difficult job most especially single parents, they so much believe in this myth,
"Humans or children are the most difficult to control, lead or change"

Are they right?
Truly,children are in experience humans who are bound to make mistakes in every stage of their life from childhood to adulthood and as parent we are to correct them when they make mistakes,we are to educate and instil good morals and ethics into them too.
    Get this...i will agree with you on this, children as human are not perfect because when they make mistakes and you correct them, you may find them making the same mistakes again and again, this infuriates!  This makes parenting hard and tough at times...truly,parenting is much harder than anyone says and its far more emotionally charged.So, parenting been emotionally charge requires connecting with your child emotionally, that is building a special bond with your child...have good parent-child relationship.
   This is the surest,easy and best way to know your children's gene,personality and temperament in other to know how to bring them up,to help them find and recognize their strength and individuality.
"Laying down solid parenting roots will help you do a good parenting job"
As parent here are good steps to follow to build a good parent-child relationship;

 "60% of abused children in the U.S were the victims of physical,emotional and educational neglect "
As parent, spending more time with your children is very important...the more you know or move close to your child,the higher the chances you have to influence his or her life.While spending time with them you should,
 "single fathers often do not communicate with their children as well as do single mothers,which leads to children of single-parent households being more likely to use marijuana,alcohol and other illicit drugs and to have sex at an earlier age"
"parents in two-parent families spend an average of 2 hours a day interacting with their children compared to only 50 minutes for single -parent families"
As Parent,you should be a good communicator and a listener...reason,talk and dialogue with them, in fact let them know was going on and ask for their views,it will make them feel included and valued.Ask them questions and challenge their ideas in a friendly and pleasant way...this a technique for teaching children how to think for themselves,"Communication means moving what's in your mind easily and directly into the mind of the recipient" - Arch Lustberg
 you have to
 "98% of mothers and 90% of fathers hugged their children ages 0 to 2 years of age daily,compared to only 74% of mothers and 50% of fathers who hugged their children ages 10 to 12 years of age daily"
When it comes to relationship, especially parent-child relationship touch plays a critical role, in parent-child relationship touch is the first language we learn, it's a channel of communication and bonding, it's a secret language and weapon for a successful relationship for parents.When it comes to touch, you can express what you feel,impact and interpret emotional content via touch.So, parents shouldn't drop or neglect this skills most especially mothers.Mother's touch are very powerful,touch increase the speed of communication and when it comes to bonding, it makes people feel more connected to you,use it to connect with them and
 Parent-child relationship deals with emotion, as parent we have to connect  with our children so we can impact into them.You need to humble yourself,put yourself in their shoe...see things from their point of view and treat them with respect.Humility and patience is the clue here,don't make your children feel that you are ignoring them,disregarding their feelings,that you don't care if your decision upset them this will make them awkward to deal with.
 We parents are humans and we are not perfect...we may loose our temper when they(children) make mistakes or disobey,make sure you clear off and start afresh again...i mean apologise and let them know why you reacted that way and let the child understand its wrong(dialogue with your child)

I believe this steps will help you parents out there to build the bond you need...

In the mean time, feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

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