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Emotional Baggage - Parenting Blocks Parent Should Demolish For Good Parenting Job

Emotional Baggage Affects Your Parenting Job
Is parenting a difficult job?
Are not doing a good parenting job?
Do you need the parental power to do a good parenting job?
If your answer is YES!
 Then this article is a must read For you from start to finish.
What differentiate a parent that is doing a good parenting job from a parent who doesn't is their Emotional Baggage and what also differentiate a well behaved and disciplined child from another is their emotional baggage.
What is emotional baggage?
It's the feelings and beliefs you have as a result of your past and the things that have happened to
you, which often have a negative effect on your behavior and attitudes.As human we all carry emotional baggage, but it turns out that some of us carry quite a bite more of it than base on how we are brought up, what we've experienced and where we lived.Growing up is filled with all sorts of growing pains, it has been said that "No one escapes childhood unscathed" everyone suffers through terrible,difficult or even painful emotional experiences during childhood,adolescence and young adulthood.
Get this!
Am not writing to judge and ridicule you or your child but to point out the reason why you've not been doing a good parenting job and the mistakes most parents make,which is the cause of failure in parenting.
Let's be honest here...parenting is truly a hard job,we all took this big job when we had these kids and it's going to be a hard work for the rest of our life.Being a parent requires your blood,sweat and's emotionally charged.
Mind you,despite the hardship many parents are getting it right, many children are doing it right...if they can do it,you can do it too!
Understand this,parenting is also one of the most joyous thing that can happen to you in life.You just have to recognize the big job you are in and seek knowledge...learn and take action!
Parenting as a tough business is not a perfect science that can be mastered, but an act of responsibility, which outcome depends on what variables you put in and the techniques used, this seems to be tough for many parent.
So, what variables or techniques will you put in?
Here is the first,
Let go off your emotional baggage - As parent you have to take good care of the inside you.You have to be positive and disciplined first,you need to have love first!Parenting when you are carrying emotional baggage takes a certain intellect and an ordinate amount of internal strength
from you.You have to let go off past pain and negative feelings to be able to name and model positive behaviors in yourself and also the ones you seek in your child,
"what you have is what you will give" keeping uncontrolled and negative emotions are extremely painful and very debilitating.when a parent cannot manage their emotional baggage,the children are the ones that ultimately suffers,don't pass on the hurt and pains you are experiencing to your child.
Equip yourself - "The more experience or educated parents are,the better equipped they are to handle emotional stressors because they have larger reservoir of emotional intellect to pull from" As parent the more experience and knowledge you have the larger your arsenal for emotional and intellectual superiority over self serving emotional inclinations.So get books,read!
Get expert assistance - As parent maintaining the emotional and mental constancy is necessary.The act of talking about your problems with expert physicians or clergy is one of the most potent solutions to feelings of obscurity or helplessness.So,visit experts.
I believe this steps will help free you for good,
better and convenient parenting job.

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