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5 Effects Of Punishment In Parenting When Used As The Only Discipline tool

Effect Of Punishment In Parenting
Although,parents do try to use good discipline strategies,but the problem is,most parent try to deal with child misbehaviour by the use of punishment only...use it as the only discipline tool. They don't know how to handle child misbehaviour, some take discipline for punishment.
So far, we have talked about discipline, which is teaching and in my previous articles we've talked about good teaching strategies.

To go ahead, parents need to make a clear-cut distinction between discipline and punishment. In this article, we base only on punishment- I mean it's effect on a child.
Firstly, what is punishment?
Secondly, when and how do we use punishment in discipline?
Lastly, what effect or power does it have in child discipline?

What is punishment?: It is a very poor and ineffective tool that doesn't teach or motivate a child towards more desirable behaviour, it only curb undesirable behaviour.
The types of punishment: Listing out the types, I want parents to analyse, visualise and remember this punishments- I mean how do they feel when it 's done to you then?
Sending the child to his room,
Taking away the child's privileges and,

Ask questions like, does it motivate me to change my negative behaviour back then in my childhood?

Does it influence that negative act or the misbehaviour?

The Effect Of Punishment: Firstly, punishment only curb undesirable behaviour, it only tells a child what not to do,, it doesn't motivate the child.
Secondly, parent intends the punishment to make things unpleasant for the child, so that he will change his behaviour for better. Unfortunately, it strengthened the very undesirable behaviour the parent wants to get rid of!
Thirdly, punishment loses its effectiveness as the child grows older. You find them say some things like: " Have done wrong again, I will be punish for this. Well, it doesn't kill any way, am ready for it!"
Fourthly, the person who punishes is teaching the child or others to avoid him. How can you impact or influence the child's life positively?
Fifthly, punishment reduces or make the child to lack confidence as they grow up and this differentiate the child from any other in the society.Its like putting the child in a lonely or different world
Lastly, what punishment does produce between parent-child relationship, is resentment, hostility, the wish for revenge or retaliation. It arouses negative feelings between parents and the child and we cannot teach our children a desirable behaviour with punishment only.
Parents need to make a clear-cut distinction between discipline and punishment. In this article,am emphasising that,parent shouldn't use punishment as the main and only discipline tool. 

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